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Highway37-Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

Hwy 37

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Mini-League Day informational session on the Hwy 37 Transportation Plan. Discussion on the 21-Mile Corridor traversing wetlands in Sonoma, Solano, Napa, and Marin Counties.

Key Address by Steven Moore, Vice Chair, CA Water

Panel Discussion: Hwy 37 Issues, Options & Obstacles Panel Discussion on the major issues Hwy 37 faces including the environment, public and pedestrian transportation, and the need to fund this 100-year project. Presentation by Transportation Authority of Marin, and the Solano County Transportation Agency

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Novato City Council Chambers Sat. 10/21/17

Resource Library

Mini-League Day Video - Hwy 37 - Planning for the Future

Event Packet

Mini-League Day Agenda

Presenters Biography

Marshland Map

Bay Trails Walking Path Map

Bicycle Coalition Letter

1-5 Year Improvement Plan

Three Current Improvement Alternatives

Financing Options Under Consideration

Due to size constraints, powerpoint presentations have been split into two parts.

Powerpoint Presentations

Key Address:

Marshland Map-(Moore - slide 6)

Steven Moore, Vice Chair, California Water Board

Moore-Part 1 Moore-Part 2

Panel Presentation

Maureen Gaffney, Bay Trail Planner, San Francisco Bay Trails

Bay Trails Map along Hwy 37

Gaffney-Part 1 Gaffney-Part 2

Jessica Davenport, Project Manager, SF Bay Area Program, CA Coastal Conservancy

Davenport-Part 1 Davenport-Part 2

Daryl Halls, Executive Director, Solano Transportation Authority Halls-Part 1 Halls-Part 2

Nick Nuygen, Principal Project Delivery Manager, Transportation Authority of Marin Nuygen-Part 1 Nuygen-Part 2

Three Current Improvement Alternatives for Hwy 37 (Nuygen slide 5 part 2)