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LWVBA Advocacy

We study issues, adopt positions, and take action.

The League of Women Voters of the Bay Area believes that government at the regional level should be structured so that it can effectively and responsibly solve those problems that transcend political boundaries. The LWVBA, by including all nine Bay Area Counties, makes possible League Study and Action on region-wide problems and issues.

LWVBA takes action on an issue or advocates for a cause when there is an existing League position that supports the issue or speaks to the cause. LWVBA positions result from a process of thorough study focused on a regional issue. As the study progresses, a continuing discussion of pros and cons of each situation occurs. Prior to the results of the study being presented to the general membership, study committee members fashion consensus questions that are then addressed by the membership.

Additional discussion, pro and con, takes place as members (not part of the study committee) learn the scope of the study. After the members reach consensus, the board forms positions based on that consensus.

It is the consensus statement -- the statement resulting from the consensus questions -- that becomes a position. Firm action or advocacy can then be taken on the particular issue addressed by the position. Without a position, action/advocacy cannot be taken.

Positions 2012 - 2014

Our positions address Regional Government, Regional Planning, Environment, Natural Resources, Hazardous Materials Management, Social Policy, Surface Transportation, and Airport Transportation and are available in the following documents. All position have been reviewed and updated in 2016.

Regional Government & Planning Position (pdf)

Environmental & Natural Resources Position (pdf)

Hazardous Materials Position (pdf)

Social Policy & Housing Position (pdf)

Transportation Position (pdf)

League of Women Voters Position


Government Position

Apportionment (National)

Arms Control (National)

California State Constitution (State)

Campaign Financing (National)

Citizen's Right to Know/Citizen Participation (National)

Congress (National)

DC Self-Government and Full Voting Representation (National)

lection Systems (State)

Fiscal Policy (National)

Individual Liberties (National)

Initiative and Referendum (State)

Intergovernmental Relationships (State)

Legal Aid (State)

Military Policy and Defense Spending (National)

Money in Politics (State)

Money in Politics (National)

Privatization (National)

Public Libraries (State)

Public Participation (National)

Redistricting California (State)

Selection of the President (National)

State and Local Finances (State)

The Presidency (National)

Trade (National)

U.S. Relations with Developing Countries (National)

United Nations (National)

Voting Rights (State)

Voting Rights (National)

Natural Resources Positions

Agriculture (National)

Agriculture (State)

Air Quality (State)

California Water Resources (State)

Energy (State)

Environmental Protection and Pollution Control (National)

Hazardous Materials (State)

Land Use (State)

Natural Resources (National)

Resource Management (National)

Solid Waste (State)

Transportation (State)

Social Policy Positions

Child Care (State)

Child Care (National)

Children and Family Issues Action Policy (State)

Children at Risk (National)

Community College System (State)

Death Penalty (National)

Equality of Opportunity (National)

Federal Role in Public Education (National)

Gun Safety (National)

Health Care (National)

Housing (State)

Immigration (National)

Juvenile Justice and Dependency (State)

Meeting Basic Human Needs (National)

Mental Health Care (State)

PreK-12 Education (State)

Public Higher Education (State)

Reproductive Choices (National)

Sentencing Policy (National)

Urban Policy (National)

Violence Prevention (National)

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Follow these links to view published correspondence:


April 22 Statement Re: MTC/ABAG Merger Study

January 20 Letter to the SF Chronicle Editor - Simplify System

January 7 Letter to MTC Planning Committee & ABAG Administrative Committee Re: MTC‐ABAG Merger Study


October 28 Letter to MTC - Re: Consolidation Planning

October 21 Letter to BAAQD - Re: Wood Burning Devices

October Letter to MTC - To: Functional Consolidation of Planning Staff

September Letter to ABAG - Re: Consolidation Proposal

July 28 LWVBA comments to Bay Area Air Quality Management District regarding Climate Protection Strategy

July 2 LWVBA to Bay Area Air Quality Management District regarding Refinery Regulations

June 30 LWVBA to MTC, regarding PCA program

May LWVBA Crude Oil Transportation by Rail

Slide Presentation:


May LWVC Final Comments on Bay Delta Conservation Plan, May 15, 2014

May 15 LWVC Opposes Bay Delta Conservation Plan EIR Certification

April 28 LWVBA Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board

March 19 LWVBA letter to Air Quality Management District regarding the Commuter Benefits Proposal (pdf)

February 23 LWVUS & LWVBA letter to the Internal Revenue Service


LWVBA letter re:Plan Bay Area Amendment on Cap and Trade Revenue Allocation

May 14 LWVBA Letter to ABAG and MTC with Specific Comments on the Plan Bay Area

May 10 LWV Berkeley, Albany Emeryville Letter on Plan Bay Area

May 14 LWV Diablo Valley Letter on Plan Bay Area

May 12 LWV Los Altos/Mountain View Letter on Plan Bay Area

Mary 7 LWV Marin County Letter on Plan Bay Area

May 14 LWV Oakland Letter on Plan Bay Area

May 14 LWV San Francisco Letter on Plan Bay Area

May 14 LWV San Jose/Santa Clara Letter on Plan Bay Area

May 14 LWV Santa Clara County Letter on Plan Bay Area


April 30 Letter to the Editor of San Francisco Chronicle, stating LWVBA's support of the process of Regional Planning through the Plan Bay Area

April 30 Letter to MTC supporting Regional Planning through the EEJ Alternative

April 10 Letter to MTC requesting extension of comment period for Plan Bay Area

April 2 Letter to MTC regarding Public Meetings on the Plan Bay Area

Letter to Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board regarding the CalTrain Electrification Project EIR, March 14, 2013 (pdf)


Letter to MTC regarding Shifting of Funds from MTC to the CMAs, November 21, 2012 (pdf)

Letter to ABAG on Regional Housing Needs Allocation Methodology, August 27, 2012 (pdf)

Letter to Senator DeSaulnier in support of SB 878: Regional Governance and Bay Area Economic Development, June 2, 2012 (pdf)

Letter to MTC on DRAFT Transportation Investment Strategy, May 9, 2012 (pdf)


Letter to Will Travis, BCDC, December 5, 2011 (pdf)

Letter to MTC re: One Bay Area Grant Program, November 18, 2011 (pdf)

Endorsement of TransForm's platform: Strategic Investments for a Better Bay Area, July 2011 (pdf)

Joint Policy Committee Director Ted Droettboom June 6, 2011 (pdf)

2013 RTP/SCS Projects letter to MTC, March 10, 2011 (pdf)


Margaret Gordon Civic Ventures' Purpose Prize, November 28, 2010 (pdf)

MTC Comment Letter on Draft Public Participation Plan, November 28, 2010 (pdf)

Letter to Bay Area Newspaper Editors re: Proposition 23, September 13, 2010 (pdf)

BART letter re: Oakland Airport Link, September 13, 2010 (pdf)

MTC letter re: Public Participation Plan, August 23, 2010 (pdf)

MTC Letter re: Transparency in Public Financing, July 27, 2010 (pdf)

BART letter on the Oakland Airport Connector, July 20, 2010 (pdf)

Joint Policy Committee letter re: SB 375 Target Goals, July 1, 2010 (pdf)

MTC Letter on the Regional Transportation Plan 2035, April 19,2010 (pdf)


Bay Area Toll Authority Letter re: Bridge Tolls, December 8, 2009 (pdf)

San Francisco Planning Department Letter regarding Calaveras Dam, November 18, 2009 (pdf)

MTC Letter regarding Regional Climate Action Initiatives November 2, 2009 (pdf)

Comments on MTC DRAFT 2035 Transportation Plan, March 2, 2009 (pdf)

AC Transit: Proposed Fare Increase, February 24, 2009 (pdf)


Scope of Joint Policy Committee and Future Issues, October 28, 2008 (pdf)

Support for SB375, August 26, 2008 (pdf)

Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project Comments, July 22, 2008 (pdf)
Support for AB 2558, June 19, 2008 (pdf)


MTC Recertification 2007, August 17, 2007 (pdf)

MTC Funding Proposal for Measure 1B Transit Funding, May 9, 2007 (pdf)

Support for AB 239 Housing Trust Fund, April 25, 2007 (pdf)


Dumbarton Rail Scoping Letter, November 29, 2006 (pdf)

JPC Amendments to Smart Growth, Sept.22, 2006 (pdf)

AB2444 Letter to Schwarzenegger Sept. 2, 2006 (pdf)

MTC - Regional Rail Plan Alternatives: July 26, 2006 (pdf)

Statement to the Joint Policy Committee - Bay Area Regional Position on CEQA Reform: July 21, 2006 (pdf)

Support for Bay Area Water Forum Memorandum of Understanding: May 2006(pdf)

Memorandum of Understanding: Bay Area Water Forum: May 2006(pdf)

MTC Proposed Transit Connectivity Plan: February 2006 (pdf)


Bay Area Regional Water System Improvement Program (RWSIP): December 2005 (pdf)

SF Public Utilites Commission: November 2005 (pdf)

Transit Oriented Development Comments: July 2005 (pdf)

MTC Transit Oriented Development - Transit Extensions: July 2005 (pdf)

Joint Policy Committee Statement: February 2005 (pdf)

Joint Policy Committee: MTC 2030 Plan: February 2005 (pdf)

Action on Issues 2012 - 2014

The purpose of action is to develop support for the League's positions and to influence government decisions and their implementation. Action is both public service and public relations.

Our action and education priorities are highlighted in this document:

LWVBA Action on Issues (pdf)